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Diversity & Inclusion

Everyone Included

Our mission is to be a place that not only welcomes and encourages difference but truly draws on it. That creates fair odds for everyone. A place where everyone feels they belong. We want to call ourselves truly inclusive. So, we’re working to overcome the obstacles and challenges that exist within our organisation and wider society. We know this will take time but by picking apart these structures and processes and disrupting our biases, we’ll be well on our way to building the solid foundations for an inclusive organisation.

Right now we are focussed on four strategic pillars:

  • Leveraging data to help us make more informed decisions
  • Ensuring we’re all accountable
  • Improving our recruitment practices
  • Fostering everyday inclusion

Diversity Profile

At the end of 2020, we gathered additional diversity details from our colleagues to understand our diversity profile. We published an internal report on our findings with underrepresentation in gender, ethnicity, and disability compared to local census data. When we reviewed the data, we took immediate action to thoroughly audit our hiring practices and processes to identify barriers. Throughout 2022, we’re implementing these changes, as well as continuing to build more equitable processes, policies & practises beyond hiring.


Gender Pay Gap

We know there is no quick fix to negating a Gender Pay Gap so we’re tackling some of the core issues, outlined in our UK report and working to devolve accountability to our leaders making inclusion everyone’s responsibility. A gender pay report for our Irish operations will be published later this year in line with reporting requirements. Some of the tangible actions we’re focussed on:

  • Enhancing our flexible family-friendly policies
  • Continuing to provide parental workshops to retain and develop females after a key life transition
  • Developing our Lean In Circles, a support network for women to share their experiences, build new skills, lead and cheer each other on through peer mentorship.


Fair Game

Our employee resource group promote and champion our mission to create fairer odds for everyone.

It’s important that we all take the time out to educate ourselves and see the world from another perspective. Our Fair Game committee regularly host webinars and events that align to our four strategic pillars.


External Engagement

We participate in the All-Index Survey to measure and monitor how we are progressing both as a business and as an industry.

The All-In Diversity Project is a not-for-profit organisation creating the tools for the global betting and gaming industry to progress in terms of Diversity, Inclusion and Workplace Equality.


WihTL – Diversity in Hospitality Travel & Leisure

We’re members of a collaboration community devoted to increasing diversity and inclusion across Hospitality, Travel and Leisure.



It doesn’t matter how talented or capable we are at PPB our wellbeing takes priority. Our flexible work culture allows our colleagues to work in a way that works for them. Our Wellbeing programme puts you first:

  • Free counselling sessions, onsite and virtual fitness classes, gym discounts and health insurance
  • Toolkits and training to support our colleagues with having mental health and wellbeing conversations
  • Regular No Zoom Afternoons
  • Wellbeing webinars and events
  • Our weekly pulse surveys allow us to listen to our colleagues regular feedback and support our colleagues when they need it


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