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Production Operations Technician

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Full Time
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Roles & Responsibilities

  • Active monitoring and management of alerting dashboards (Nagios / Sensu)
  • Regular monitoring of the Production Operations screens gantry for any deviation from normal operating levels or any indicators of major incidents
  • Raise incidents as required based on alerts / monitoring / stakeholder contacts to Production Operations.
  • Ensure all appropriate details are captured in incidents
  • Ensure all major and significant incidents are assigned and managed with the appropriate urgency
  • In the event of major incidents manage the communications to stakeholders (via Slack and Major Incident e-mail communications)
  • Manage contacts to the Production Operations mailbox in a prompt and professional manner
  • Actively monitor and respond to contacts to the Production Operations slack channels
  • Ensure all major incidents and points of note are included in the shift handover process for incoming shifts
  • Attend any scheduled tech training sessions and ensure proactive approach to technical upskilling
  • Provide first time fix where possible and continually strive to improve overall first time fix rate
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of all products supported by Production Operations and build a network of key personnel across the newly merged organisation with particular focus on teams we have the heaviest reliance on