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Question everything

Across brands, across territories, across teams – we never stop asking, ‘What’s the next big thing?’.

In order to get ahead, you have to think ahead. It’s our job to make the right decisions for our customers and our business to find commercial success. We never stop asking – ‘What’s next?’ for our markets all across the globe. It’s that attitude that has allowed us to grow our revenue by 8% on the last financial year – a revenue already over £1.5 billion.

We always have our eyes on the numbers, following what our customers want and need, whilst continually planning for the next key sporting event or big investment decision, such as entering a new market or launching a new product.




Our teams


We provide real-time trading and risk management services to betting operators all around the globe. For instance, we deliver up-to the-minute data and analysis on the world of horseracing to the media.

We have account management and new business teams who work to build new revenue streams with partners across Gaming, Pricing, Data and Risk. And we have a Commercial Negotiation team who use their expertise to get us the very best deals with suppliers for all our B2C businesses.

Fast moving, quick thinking and working across multiple territories, we’re always looking for the next big thing.


The success of Dial-a-Bet is simple. People love the convenience and speed of phone or text betting, they know we offer value and fairness and they trust our Dial-a-Bet team to give them a friendly, efficient service.

As part of the team, you’ll enjoy a buzzing work atmosphere and lots of training. What’s more, as part of our Commercial division, there are all sorts of directions you’ll be able to go in.


Our teams of Account Managers and Marketers work closely with our high-value and influential customers to ensure we understand their needs – and do everything we can to exceed them.

Whether we’re building a rapport by speaking to VIPs directly, or sending them innovative marketing tailored to their needs, they get the special treatment that keeps them loyal. And you get the chance to invent, develop and grow.


Our team is a hotbed of bright, driven people, who run our innovative Casino, Games, Bingo, Poker, Live Casino and Exchange Games businesses.

Spread across Dublin, London and Cluj, we have a broad range of skillsets, from business management through to marketing and operational competencies. If you enjoy working in a competitive, fast-moving, high-performing team, Gaming is the place to be.


Our Italian team operates under our Paddy Power and Betfair brands. We have employees working in many different areas of the business, with a focus on Commercial, Marketing and Product.

Our aim is to ensure we offer our customers the best experience in the gaming and betting industry. If you want to join a talented group of people in a fun and rewarding environment, see what opportunities we have available in Italy.


We’re the P&L owners of the international B2C businesses, defining customer propositions and strategy for each unique market, as well as providing all customer-facing contact. Our remit covers each of our global markets, with the exception of the US, the UK and Australia. A cosmopolitan, fast-growing and fast-paced area of the business, our talented people come from across the world.

There can be few businesses where there’s such a huge potential for growth. Yet despite the scale and scope of our operations, we foster a start-up culture, where ideas are heard and actions are taken quickly.

Commercial UK&I

It’s exciting times here in the UK & Ireland Commercial Online team; we’ve seen the business deliver impressive growth; we’re attracting more and more customers daily and yet we still have so much more to do! It’s our job to ensure the company continues on this positive path, by making the right decisions for our customers and business.

 As a team, we’re responsible for the overall performance and strategic direction of the two online brands; ensuring our strategy delivers the right thing for the customer.

 We need to know what’s going on throughout the business; whether there’s a new product launch to promote, a big sporting event to plan for or if we’re facing new technological developments, we have to ensure everything and everyone is aligned on decisions and plans.

 So, if you’re smart, quick thinking, practical and like the sound of this diverse team; we’d love to have you!

Angeliki - Senior VIP Marketing Executive

Who are you and what do you do here?

My name is Angeliki and I am a Senior VIP Marketing Executive. My primary responsibility is the Casino Marketing strategy and plan delivery across both brands for VIP players. The role is very commercially driven and reactive as it engages with different teams around the business, including Marketing, Product, Account Management and Operations.

VIP Marketing focuses on the strategic delivery of the Marketing plans across products and brands in order to provide a bespoke customer experience for the high value players.

What’s the best bit of your job? And what’s the most the challenging bit?

The best part of my job is that it’s very strategic and data-driven, which means I get to leverage my analytical background as an economist. The most challenging bit is managing to be proactive and agile in a matrix organisation with many different deadlines and procedures whilst also trying to meet commercial targets.

Would you say Paddy Power Betfair is a great place to work?

PPB is definitely a great place to work. For me, there are three main factors: the people, the culture and the technology focus on its products. It’s different from other employers in the sense that it manages to mix the above three very well, providing an inspiring and rewarding workplace.

What do you think about career progression at Paddy Power Betfair?

Progressing within the company is not a linear process, which is really encouraging for people who want to either progress faster or gain exposure to different sides of the business. Management is also very supportive of internal career progression, which gives people extra motivation as well.

If you could choose a superpower what would it be?

If I could choose a superpower, it would have to be flying. The idea of being able to go anywhere in the world and visit many amazing places is thrilling. Also, being able to commute to anywhere in London without the hassle of Tube signal failures is a plus!

Where are we based?

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