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The home of the inventive

Two leading brands. Massive sponsorship deals. Social media triumphs.

Bold. Creative. Digitally savvy. Our innovative Marketing team is at the heart of our growth.

It’s all here. Our mischievous Paddy Power Twitter account with one million followers. High-profile sponsorship deals with the likes of Arsenal and FC Barcelona. Widely-talked about campaigns like ‘Switching Saddles’ with Victoria Pendleton. Market-leading mobile apps and innovative products (from Cash Out to Price Rush) that reinvent the way the gaming industry thought it worked.

Our teams


We make sure our Paddy Power and Betfair brands are going from strength to strength. One day we might be developing campaigns for big sporting events such as the World Cup and Cheltenham Festival. On another, we could be launching a marketing campaign to bring new products to millions of customers.

From sponsorship deals with some of the world’s biggest football clubs, a PR team famed for headline-catching stunts and a Twitter account that’s been recognised as the most influential in the FTSE 100, Brand is an incredibly important area of the business.


Marketing Science and Insights

We look at Paddy Power Betfair and ask how we can make it even better. We analyse web traffic, promotional spend, betting patterns, online marketing and customer experience. All of which help us plan our marketing spend, assess our performance and beat the competition.



Digital Marketing

At Paddy Power Betfair, we’re constantly looking for new ways we can innovate, and our Marketing has always been at the cutting-edge. Our Digital Marketing team plays a key role in letting us lead from the front. With an international team, we work across borders to make data-driven changes and automate our output.

As a major player, we have close relationships with key firms such as Google and Facebook. They come to us to trial their latest products because of our scale and significant in-house capability. It’s a partnership that helps ensure nobody ever beats us to the punch. Whether you’re interested in the tech or the advertising, or both, you won’t find anywhere more relevant.



Our advertising is high profile, game-changing and very, very successful. Take our ‘Switching Saddles’ campaign with Victoria Pendleton at the Cheltenham Festival. We challenged the Olympic champion cyclist to go from being a complete riding novice to competing in the high-octane Foxhunters’ Chase in little more than a year. The race attracted wall-to-wall coverage across broadcast and print media, raising the profile of both the Betfair brand and the sport. It’s the kind of bold approach we like to take.

Marketing Technology

We’re a small but highly-focused team that works all across Paddy Power Betfair’s marketing. We never touch the same problem twice. We’re tasked with solving the challenges that the marketing teams face, and fast. Putting live odds on PPC and social. Building automated CRM via display. For us, no problem is too complex or too difficult.

We’re developers with an understanding of digital marketing, relevant third parties and promotions. We’re extremely flexible, and committed to getting the job done right. Working with us, you’ll often see your results instantly and you’ll be at the front of the curve, working with the most exciting new advances in marketing tech.

Lee - Head of PR

Who are you and what do you do?

Hello, I’m Lee – and I am Head of PR for Paddy Power. I could bore you with the details of all my responsibilities and duties here, but the long and short of it is that the PR team is charged with getting the brand as much media attention as possible.

Basically, I’m an attention seeker. That’s kinda what the PR team does – we’re all divas. We work out which topical stories we can react to with Paddy Power odds. We talk about anything and everything, and riff off current affairs to communicate our distinctive brand and tone of voice.

What’s the best bit of your job? And the most challenging?

My previous job title was ‘PR & Mischief Champion’ which was a pretty great icebreaker when meeting new contacts. Now, I’d say the best bit about this job is that it means becoming an overnight expert in hugely different topics on a daily basis.

One minute we’re talking on TalkSport about the weekend’s football action, the next we’re being grilled by the New York Times on why we’re advertising for a Head of Trump Betting. It’s both the best bit and the most challenging at the same time.

Would you say Paddy Power Betfair is a great place to work?

We’re fortunate to work for a market leader and innovator – one that’s ready to take risks and invest in order to progress. I previously worked in the media, where it felt like the opposite was true. PPB is a company going forward.

What is the culture at Paddy Power Betfair like?

It sounds silly, but even the culture of having regular one-to-ones was novel to me, having come from an employer who would only have conversations like that once a year, at review time.

In the marketing department there’s a palpable sense that this is a place where the job gets done. People work hard and, moreover, are willing to help you get your job done too. There’s little territorialism, but instead a brilliant sense of collaboration across teams and departments.

If you could choose a superpower what would it be?

I’d go for the ability to come up with hilarious and original answers to questions like this, that don’t end up coming across creepy or weird. Otherwise, invincibility. Obvs.

Dermot - Head of Marketing Evaluation

Who are you and what do you do here?

My name is Dermot O’Sullivan and I’m the Head of Marketing Evaluation. I help PPB to quantify the effectiveness and efficiency of its various marketing levers — whether the campaigns are hitting home and strengthening our brand.

Myself and the Marketing Evaluation team exist to support the PPB marketing strategy by enabling data-driven decisions around marketing investment, planning and testing. We do this through a combination of marketing analytics (simulations, valuations, forecasting), statistical modelling and working with agencies to track performance.

What’s the best bit of your job? And what’s the most the challenging bit?

The best bit is the variety. The most challenging bit is the variety. It’s a difficult question for me because I’m not really doing the same things over and over. Sometimes I wish for a bit more of a routine — but only for a moment.

Would you say Paddy Power Betfair is a great place to work?

I would. It’s a meritocracy with lots of variety and lots of career development opportunities. No two days are ever the same. Colleagues are high performers and there is good craic. Within the Marketing department where I work, the culture is fast paced, performance driven, sport obsessed and it’s generally a fun place to be.

Which is your favourite Paddy Power Betfair company value and why?

Relentless will to win. Because a person cannot step into the same river twice.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

San Fran because it’s so chilled out and I love California. It’s my kind of city.

Turning Heads

Paddy Power ruffled the losing US Ryder Cup golfers’ feathers with a stunt in which it took to the sky to deliver encouraging and provocative “sky tweets”, supplied by European fans. Helping produce one of the most spectacular comebacks in Ryder Cup history!

Where are we based?

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