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Big data.
Big opportunities.

Ask – and answer – the questions that help shape a global industry.

We work in a global industry that’s underpinned by risk and probability. Analytics is at the heart of everything we do, and our team has an influential role to play across the business.

From the billions of rows of customer transactional data to the millions of people who interact with our brands on social media, we work with a huge array of data.

Using the very latest technical tools, we’re creating new ways to make that data speak – to plan our strategy, assess our performance – and stay ahead of the competition. As a technology company with a history of disrupting the norm, there are few better places to develop.

Our teams

Strategy & Insight teams

We have a huge number of active customers and every single bet is recorded in our database, so our analysts can often be working with data sets that run into the billions of rows. We analyse information and create actionable insights to drive fundamental business direction and inform decision-making.

SQL is the main tool we use to extract data from our databases. For data modelling and building statistical models we use a variety of languages, including R and Python. For data visualisation, we most commonly use Tableau, which allows us to turn large data sets into a format that’s readily understood by all stakeholders.

We seek to understand customer attitudes towards our propositions across all our key territories. What do customers think about our products, our pricing and our promotions? What’s the market going to be like in ten years? And what are our competitors doing?

To answer questions like these, we use a mix of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to get to the deepest insights, and ensure that we regularly talk with our customers face-to-face.

As a technology company, we believe in trying the latest techniques to better understand our customers. We’ve partnered with academics to be at the forefront of new methodologies, like Implicit Testing. Combining our in-house research capabilities with our extensive database of active customers, we regularly carry out end-to-end research internally, and survey over 100,000 people.

Your development

Our people work across every brand, in every country and in many departments, from Commercial to Marketing. Which means lots of variety, and lots of chances to move sideways into new areas, as well as upwards into new management challenges.

What’s more, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to innovate. Working predominantly with R, SQL, Excel/VBA, you’ll have the chance to work on everything from business scenario modelling, regression and segmentation to significance testing and sensitivity analysis.

Who we’re looking for

First and foremost, you should want to be part of a truly advanced online business. Whatever your specialism is, whether it’s Commercial Insights, Econometric Modelling, Market Research or something else, matters less to us than your drive and head for numbers. If you can read the story behind data, then you have the kind of skills we’re looking for.

You’ll also need to be organised and able to work at speed, too. Things move fast in this industry. Above all, you should love to innovate. You don’t just want to be part of an industry. You want to change it.


Mike - Strategy and Insights Director

Please introduce yourself, and your job title, and tell us about your responsibilities and duties.

I’m Mike Woodbridge, Strategy and Insights Director at PPB.

Provide an overview of your department and its function.

The department is responsible for supporting the development of our business strategy and decision making using the insight we derive from our customers, consumers in the market place and competitors.

What’s the best bit of your job? And what’s the most the most challenging bit?

My favourite part is using a wide range of insight to help answer a broad range of diverse business problems and seeing the team’s recommendations brought to life. The nature of our role means we are often challenging how things could be done different. Sometimes these can be challenging conversations, but it is part of our culture to challenge each other.

Why would you say Paddy Power Betfair is a great place to work and how is it different to other employers?

I haven’t worked elsewhere for 9 years, so difficult to answer. Though, judging the passion for work of people here compared to what I hear from friends outside of work you can see the difference in engagement.

What’s the career progression like at Paddy Power Betfair?

There is no rigid career path at PPB. People are encouraged to consider new opportunities across the organization and are rewarded on merit. I started through the Grad scheme 9 years ago and have been able to pick up a wide range of experience and skills through a number of diverse roles across commercial, product, marketing and operations.

What is the culture at PPB like?

We work at pace and aren’t afraid to try new things. We challenge each other and the status quo but respect each other’s view.

Which is your favourite PPB company value and why?

Integrity. To get to the right answer it is important that people represent data honestly and hold their hands up when they feel they have made a wrong call. Part of driving change is taking risks – and part of taking risks is making what turns out to be the wrong call and learning from it.

If you could have dinner with someone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

Having dinner with a dead person may be a little creepy. Not a real fan of blind dates so will take someone I know. We had a team board game night recently which was fun – I’ll pick that again!


Where are we based?

We’re based in MilanDublin, Hammersmith and Cluj, Romania